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Individualized Force Free Care for Your Puppy

EC Petcare: Force Free, Positive Reinforcement Puppy Training for Your Portland, OR Puppy

Are You Struggling to Train Your Puppy?

Being a new puppy parent can be more than you bargained for! Whether it’s potty training that is driving you crazy or it’s the razor sharp puppy teeth that you need help redirecting, we’re here to help you find the solution! We’ll create a training plan that will help you and your puppy reach your training goals while strengthening your bond.

Our Services

Our training program starts with a 90 minute consultation, where we’ll learn more about your puppy, their behavior and your goals. From there we’ll formulate a plan to help the two of you live more peacefully together. With each additional training session you’ll receive notes from the trainer as well as homework to help you and your puppy’s skills grow!

What We Can Work On:

Potty Training

No more wet floors

Mouthing/Puppy Biting

Less teeth, more snuggles

Chewing and Destructive Behaviors

We’ll save your next pair of sneakers

Leash Manners

Let’s end that game of tug-of-war

Basic Obedience

Sits, stays and downs

And More!

Puppy Training Rates:

Initial Consultation: $145
Additional 1 hr Sessions: $100

Does Your Puppy Need Walks and Training?

Check out our Walk and Train Service, where we’ll walk your puppy and offer light training to help your puppy learn good walking habits!

Training Philosophy

At the core of our training philosophy is the belief that all animals deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. We are committed to using force-free and positive reinforcement techniques exclusively in our training program. We firmly believe that these methods are not only the most humane, but also the most effective in helping our animal companions thrive.

How Training with EC Petcare Benefits You and Your Puppy

Improved Behavior and Manners

Training with EC Petcare will help your puppy learn new skills and improve their behavior, making them a happier and more well-behaved pet. Our experienced trainers use force free training methods to encourage good behavior and discourage bad habits, helping to create a strong bond between you and your furry friend.

Enhanced Communication and Understanding

Training with EC Petcare will also help improve communication between you and your puppy. We’ll teach you how to read your puppy’s body language and signals, so you’ll better understand their needs. Bettering your communication will deepen your bond and make your relationship with your puppy even more rewarding.

More Enjoyable Time Together

With a well-trained puppy, you’ll enjoy more activities together, whether it’s going for walks, visiting the park, or traveling. Training with EC Petcare can help ensure that your puppy is well-behaved and relaxed in all kinds of situations, making your time together more enjoyable and stress-free. Plus, a well-trained puppy can be a source of pride and joy for any dog parent!

How Training Works


Contact Us!
We’ll learn more about you, your puppy and your training goals.


We’ll train your puppy together using positive reinforcement methods at your home.


You enjoy a well behaved, happy puppy for years to come!

Are You Ready for Individualized Puppy Training?