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Exceptional Care While You’re Away

EC Petcare: Positive Reinforcement Pet Sitting for Your Portland, OR Pets

Need Reliable Pet Care While You’re Away?

Your pets, furry, feathery, and scaly, are a part of your family and when you have to leave them in someone else’s care, it can be stressful.You want to know that they’re getting the best care possible and the individualized attention they deserve. EC Petcare is committed to being the pet sitters you can trust and the pet sitters all your pets will love.

Our Pet Sitting Services

*All Species of Pets
*Holiday Service Fee: Additional $12 per service

Drop In Visits

Does your puppy or dog need a mid-day potty break or a quick fetch session while you’re at work? Or does your cat or guinea pig need a friendly face to stop in and fill the food bowl? We’ll even feed the chickens or your fish! EC Petcare offers multiple options to meet you and your pet’s unique drop in needs!

Drop In Visit Rates

20 Minutes: $24
40 Minutes: $32
60 Minutes: $42

*$12 additional service fee for holidays.

*If you are out of town, we will not provide only “drop-ins” for unattended dogs, but rather would require you to book an overnight service as well as a drop–in, unless you’ve made other arrangements for your dog’s care overnight.

Day Sitting

Does your pet need a little extra company when you’re away? Whether you have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety or one who has special needs, we offer day sitting as an option for pet parents who are looking for more than a quick drop in.

Day Sitting Rates – 2 hr minimum

An Hour: $30

Full Day (8 Hours Max): $135

Each Additional Dog: $10
Puppies Under 8 Months: +$25

*$12 additional service fee for holidays.

Standard Overnight

7:00 pm – 7:30 am

Going out of town for the night or for the week? Our dedicated team of pet care professionals are committed to providing comprehensive care throughout the night. From midnight potty breaks and extra snuggles to evening strolls and dinner services, we ensure that your pet’s every need is met.

Standard Overnight Rates:

1 Pet Overnight: $80/Night
*Includes 1 x 30 Minute Walk. Evening or Morning.

45 Minute Midday Visit: $30
*Please note: We will NOT leave your dog unattended for longer than 8 hrs. If you don’t have a friend/family member coming to do the midday visit, one would be required.

Each Additional Dog: $20
*Cats, caged animals, etc. are no additional charge

Puppies Under 8 Months: +$25/Night

*$12 additional service fee for holidays.

Xtra Care Overnight

7pm – 7:30am
+ 2 x 30 min walks during the day

Give yourself the peace of mind that your pet is covered and cared for and book our Xtra Care Overnight service. Xtra Care includes our standard overnight plus 2 extra 30-min visits/walks for your pet during the day, preventing loneliness and providing exercise. The visits ensure your pet is not alone for more than 4 hours at a time, ensuring their well-being.

Xtra Care Overnight Rates:

1 Pet Overnight: $135/Day

Each Additional Dog: $25
*Cats, caged animals, etc. are no additional charge

Puppies Under 8 Months: +$25/Night

*$12 additional service fee for holidays.

Extended Stay

Taking that long needed vacation or traveling for work? EC Petcare can provide pet sitting the entire time you’re away! Our sitters ensure that your pet is never alone for more than 6 hours per day, with no more than 4 of those hours in a row.  Rest assured, you can count on us to be there for them!

Extended Stay Rates:

$155 Per Day

Each Additional Dog: $25
*Cats, caged animals, etc. are no additional charge

Puppies Under 8 Months: +$25/Night

*Services starting after 3 pm on the first day of the stay and service ending before 12pm on the last day of the stay are half off.

Separation Anxiety Stay

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your furry friend alone at home, especially if they suffer from separation anxiety. That’s why we offer 24-hour in-home care with a certified pet care provider who will stay with your pet and ensure they are never left alone, reducing their anxiety and yours. Rest easy knowing that your furry friend is in safe hands.

Separation Anxiety Stay Rates:

$240 per Day
*Limited Availability

Each Additional Dog: $25
*Cats, caged animals, etc. are no additional charge

*Care will be prorated if times do not line up exactly with your leave day/return day.

Pet Taxi

Does your pet have a grooming appointment to get to or need a ride home from the vet? Maybe there’s a puppy playdate you don’t want them to miss? EC Petcare provides pet taxi services to get your pet to and from wherever they need to be!

Drop In Visit Rates

*within 10 miles of your home

One Way: $35
Round Trip: $70

​*A mileage fee may be applied for any special request (airport transfers and such).

How EC Petcare Takes Pet Sitting to the Next Level


We are known for our dependable and responsible pet sitters who always prioritize your pet’s well-being. With EC Petcare, you can trust that your pets are in good hands and will receive the care they need.

Experience and Qualifications

Our team of pet sitters is experienced and qualified to provide the best care possible for pets. Each pet sitter has the necessary training and certifications, including pet first aid and CPR, to handle any situation that may arise.

Genuine Care and Affection

Our pet sitters genuinely care about the pets they work with, providing love, attention, and affection to make them feel comfortable and happy. We strive to create a personalized experience for each pet and build long-lasting relationships with both your pets and you.

How Pet Sitting Works


Contact Us!
We’ll learn more about your needs, get you on our schedule and request access instructions for your home!


A certified pet care professional will come to your home and provide your pet with all they need, including exercise, food/water, medication – we’ll even take care of your “Plant” kids!


You enjoy the peace of mind that your pet is receiving exceptional care and individualized attention.

Are You Ready for Exceptional Care?