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EC Petcare: Positive Reinforcement Dog Walking for Your Portland, OR Dog

Does Your Dog Need More Exercise Than You Can Give Them?

Are you coming home to an over-excited dog that never quite settles down? Are they restless and a little, or a lot, destructive? A little extra exercise can go a long way in helping with your dog’s behavior issues. Whether you need someone to take your dog out for their daily walk or even a doggy adventure, we’re here to help busy dog parents give their dogs the exercise they need and the enrichment they deserve!

Our Walking Services

*Holiday Service Fee: Additional $10 per service

Dog Walking

Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:30

Let us take care of your dog’s daily walk! We’ll make sure they get to exercise, explore and sniff to their heart’s content! Each dog’s walk is tailored to their needs and preferences, we always let your furry best friend set the pace. We’ll make sure to bring home a happy, tired, and content dog who’s ready to snuggle on the couch.

Walk Rates

30 Minute Walk: $27
45 Minute Walk: $32
60 Minute Walk: $42

Each Additional Dog: $5
(walked at the same time)
After 5pm or Weekends: +$5
Holiday Service Fee: +

Walk with us 5 times a week and receive $5 off your 30 minute walks, and $10 off your 45 or 60 minute walks!

Walk and Train

Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:30

Does your dog need some extra help when it comes to good walking manners? Not only can we take your pup out for their daily stroll, but our trainers can help work on some of those behaviors that are less than desirable, while out with your pup. We’ll help set you and your dog up for more enjoyable walks together!

What We Can Work On:

Loose Leash Walking

Dog Reactivity




Leave It/Take It

Confidence Building


Leash Grabbing

Plus much more!

Dog Walk and Train Rates:

30 Minute Walk: $35
45 Minute Walk: $45

After 5pm or Weekends: +$5
Holiday Service Fee: +

*We suggest scheduling a regular training session with our trainer before starting Walk and Train, as we’d like to help YOU learn how to train while walking, as these skills will need to be practiced outside of walks with the trainer.

Doggy Day Adventure

Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:30

Looking to give your pup the time of their life? Our Doggy Day Adventures are extended enrichment walks, full of play, sniffs, off leash time, and lots of positive reinforcement! Not only will we pick up and drop off your pup, but we’ll help reinforce the behaviors you love to see like, come, sit, and stay!

What’s Included:

Pick-up and Drop-off

1 or 2 hours of adventuring in an off leash dog park, trail, or private area

Off-leash recall practice (coming when called)

Reinforcement of desirable behaviors
(sit, down, come, drop it, leave it, etc)

Management of undesirable behavior (jumping, resource guarding, leash reactivity, etc)

Treats if allowed
(we cater to allergies)

Towel dry and clean paws

Photos and videos of your dog’s fun

Puppy Walk and Train Rates:

1 Hour x 1 Dog: $58
2 Hours x 1 Dog: $85

2nd Dog: 50% Off
After 5pm and Weekends: +$5

*No more than 3 dogs per Pet Care Professional

How You and Your Dog Benefit From Walking with EC Petcare

More Exercise, Better Health

When your dog walks regularly with EC Petcare, we’re helping to ensure they’re getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit, reducing the chances of additional visits to the vet and saving you money in the long run.

Happier Dog, Less Destruction

A dog that has their needs met will always be happier, and not to mention more relaxed and tired! When your dog walks with EC Petcare, they’ll be getting the enrichment they crave, and coming home to nap rather than eat your shoes!

Peace of Mind and More Time

With EC Petcare, your dog is in good hands, so you can feel confident taking care of your other responsibilities. Whether you’re at the office or running errands, you can trust that our experienced walkers will keep your pet safe while saving you time in your day.

How Walking Works


Contact Us! We’ll learn more about your walking needs and get you on our schedule


A certified pet care professional will come and walk your dog while you’re away or busy


You enjoy the rest of your day with a happy, exercised and enriched dog!

Is Your Dog Ready to Walk with EC Petcare?